El Paso Taco Shop




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Craig W.
22 July 2021

"There aren't many dining options around here so pick your poison wisely.

El Paso's burritos could double as footballs. They are ridiculously big. The chicken burrito was fine but on the bland side. Going against my better instincts, I tried the Surf n Turf burrito. The shrimp--surely not fresh--actually tasted pretty good; the carne asada inside was fair. The grilled onions inside were a welcome addition.

Both red and green salsas offer a nice kick and good flavor and the pico de gallo may have been freshly made.

Call it 3.75 but I am rounding up."

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Rebecca S.
20 July 2021

"Only two places to ear here in Campo! A Subway and a taco shop that ONLY takes cash and charges $1.00 for extra onion!

Seriously, someone needs to offer more for these people in this community!"

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Natalie C.
20 July 2021

"Delicious food and really fast! Just wish they took cards. Worth going to get cash for though."

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Kristin D.
14 July 2021

"Some of the best Mexican I have had - located in a tiny town. Great authentic cuisine and awesome employees! Definitely a must - try!"

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Stephanie W.
13 July 2021

"So great to have good Mexican food in Campo! We eat here often and I am always impressed that they are able to keep stocked with all of those fresh ingredients. Very good take out"